Crews of 2 Russian warships quarantined after returning from Syria

Crews of two Russian warships, the frigate Admiral Makarov and the frigate Admiral Essen, which arrived in Crimea, will be placed on two weeks quarantine. These are about 400 sailors who have just returned from Syria.

"The frigates Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen have returned to Sevastopol after a long voyage in the Mediterranean Sea but are not yet allowed to enter the bay. The command of the Black Sea Fleet ordered the sailors, who came into contact with foreign nationals during the voyage, to be in quarantine aboard the ships anchored offshore and not to approach the port until it is clear that the entire crew is healthy. The standards of quarantine are the same for everyone whether civilian ships or warships. In this case these frigates returning from the far sea zone will wait 14 days. If during this time there are no sick persons among the crew, the ships Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen will be able to moor at the dock,” reports the newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry Zvezda.

  Syria, Russia, Crimea