Daughter of Putin’s spokesman complains she was refused ambulance in Moscow

Yelizaveta Peskova, the daughter of Russian Presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said she tried to call for an ambulance, but the ambulance was never sent despite serious symptoms.

"This week I got very sick. Yesterday I called the emergency number, "112", and with a “dying" voice told them that my fever does not subside, I am nauseous, and have aches and chills," Yelizaveta wrote on Instagram.

She said that the operator asked if she visited China or Italy and then transferred her to a doctor who simply advised her to drink antipyretic pills and more tea. As a result, she had to go to the hospital on her own in this condition.

"Yes, this was not a real emergency, but it seems to me that everyone has the right to call an ambulance. Anything can happen. Or did I have to say that I have returned from Italy or China?" Yelizaveta lamented.

She also criticized the cost of paid ambulance services. According to her, you have to pay at least 4 thousand rubles ($80 USD) and at the same time do not know whether qualified personnel will come.

On March 5, the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergey Sobyanin, signed a decree imposing a "high-readiness regime" in Moscow due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

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