DPR Deputy Minister of Revenues and Taxes arrested in Donetsk

Mikhail Kalin, the former First Deputy Minister of Revenues and Taxes of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic was arrested in Donetsk on charges of unlawful seizure of property, reported journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky on Twitter.

“Cleansing continues in Donetsk. Another associate of Zakharchenko-Timofeev has been arrested. Right after the Ukrainian secret subversive group blew up Zakhar [Zakharchenko], the arrests of his people began . It turned out that they all were scumbags, thieves and cheaters,” Kazansky stated. Khalin is accused of seizing agricultural-industrial property worth 850 million rubles ($12 million USD).

Officials from the DPR Ministry of Revenues and Taxes have also been accused of stealing railway wagons and allegedly organizing five auctions to sell trains for over 5 billion rubles ($75 million USD) to a private company. These Ukrainian trains were supposed to be transfereed into the Republic’s ownership.

Khalin was close to Alexander Timofeev, aka “Tashkent,” who was the closest associate of the killed leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. After Zahkarchenko died, Timofeev fled to Russia where their entire inner circle now resides.

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