European Court of Human Rights finds Russia guilty of violating human rights in Transnistria

The European Court of Human Rights has found Russia guilty of violating human rights in Transnistria, obliging the Russian authorities to pay two families from the region compensation of 75 thousand euros, reports Ukrinform with reference to the Moldovan human rights organization Promo-LEX.

"The court ordered Russia to pay 50 thousand euros to the mother of Alexander Stomati, a serviceman who was forced to join the armed forces of unrecognized Transnistria and subsequently died under unclear circumstances," stated the human rights activists.

The report also emphasized that according to the European Court of Justice decision, Russia violated one of the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights - the right to life. The ECHR ordered Russia to pay 22 thousand euros compensation to another family from the Transnistria region, whose son was conscripted into the army and subsequently found dead on the banks of the Dniester.

Human rights activists also report that those who refuse to serve in the armed forces of the unrecognized Transnistria have to pay a fine of 1.7 thousand euros or face imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Earlier, the UN General Assembly called on Russia to withdraw troops from Transnistria.

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