Estonia accuses Russian ambassador of violating social distancing rules

Estonian police officers carefully examined photos taken by the media on April 30, when a delegation of the Russian Embassy opened a renovated monument "Bronze Soldier" at the Military Cemetery in Tallinn, writes.

After examining these photographs, Estonian police concluded that the Russian embassy officials " violated the social distancing rules established by the Estonian authorities during the state of emergency".

Police officials of Põhja Prefecture drew attention that "the diplomats violated the requirement not to gather in groups of more than two people and dobserve 2-meter distance when being in a public place ".

In the letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the police officials wrote that "during the state of emergency caused by coronavirus, in order to protect the life and health of people, it is not allowed to be in a public place in a group of more than two - and the distance between people should be at least two meters." The police asked the Estonian Foreign Ministry to hand over the relevant information to the Russian embassy.

The opening ceremony of the monument after its renovation took place on April 30. Estonian police have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that in some photos Russian Ambassador Alexander Petrov was standing next to officers of the Russian Navy.

On May 2, the Russian Embassy in Estonia took part in the action "Baltic Subbotnik" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in the World War 2. Diplomats cleaned up the military burial site of the sailors of the boat MoD-410 and the destroyer "Karl Marx" who died in June 1941 near the Estonian town of Loksa, as well as the memorial at Cape Yuminda, erected in memory of the victims of the Baltic fleet's breakthrough from Tallinn to Kronstadt in August 1941.

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