Talinn: Skripal did not take part in exposing Russian spies in Estonia

In response to the information of German media that the former officer of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate, Sergei Skripal, helped expose Denis Metsavas and his father Peter Volin, the Estonian Internal Security Service (KaPo) said that Skripal has no relation to the spies exposed in the Estonia, the Interfax reports.

"Skripal has no relation to any espionage cases in Estonia," the KaPo press service assured.

Earlier, the German Focus magazine reported that Skripal could have provided information to the Estonian special services on Russian agents who worked in Estonia. Allegedly, this happened during his trip to Estonia in the summer of 2016. In addition, Skripal has allegedly worked for the Czech Republic and Spain.

Tallinn Court sanctioned the arrest of Major General Denis Metsavas, officer of the Estonian Defense Forces General Staff, and his father Peter Volin on September 4. According to the prosecutor’s office, they had been transferring secret information about the Estonian armed forces to Russian military intelligence for at least five years before they were detained.

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