Estonia asks Berlin for permission to send German made howitzers to Ukraine

Estonia has asked Germany to approve the transfer to Ukraine of 122-mm howitzers produced in the German Democratic Republic, reports Deutsche Welle, citing the press secretary of the German Defense Ministry.

According to her, the request is being studied and is "under departmental review". The process must be coordinated with Finland, because it was to this country that howitzers were initially sold in the 1990s.

In 2021, Estonian Ministry of Defense decided to provide weapons and ammunition to Ukraine amid the growing threat of Russian invasion. Estonia reported that it was considering the possibility of providing missiles for Javelin anti-tank systems and 122 mm howitzers and ammunition for them.

Germany, unlike many other Western allies, refuses to provide weapons to Ukraine. This position has not changed even with the arrival of the new government led by Olaf Scholz. German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbok during her last visit to Kyiv said that this is due, in particular, to Germany’s past.

  Germany, Estonia, Ukraine