Estonia gives 2,000 Makarov pistols to Ukrainian Armed Forces

Estonia gave 2,400 Makarov pistols, which were previously in service with the Estonian army, to Ukrainian servicemen, reported the Estonian Defense Ministry.

The press service of the Estonian Defense Ministry noted that the batch of pistols was given to the Ukrainain Army in order to support Ukraine's defense capability.

Estonian Defense Minister Jüri Luik called “the Russian aggression, which continues in Crimea and the Donbas, unacceptable”. "With this shipment we are supporting our close partner who has been at war for six years," said Luik.

He added that Estonia is also helping Ukraine with training special operations forces and military medics, as well as sharing experience in the field of territorial defense and cybersecurity.

The Estonian Army is switching to a different caliber of fire arms in accordance to NATO standards and does not need Makarov pistols. The cargo will be delivered at the expense of the Estonian side.

  Estonia, Ukraine, Donbas