Estonia prepared to host 5,000 NATO soldiers

The Estonian Defense Ministry said it was ready to host 5,000 soldiers of NATO Rapid Response Force. If necessary, the Ministry is ready to build new barracks for the permanent deployment of the military to strengthen the eastern flank of the Alliance, said the Permanent Secretary of the Estonian Defense Ministry Kusti Salm, reports the news agency ERR.

"We clearly see that as part of the deterrence policy, the Baltic region should be strengthened. There are clear plans on how to do this if necessary. In Estonia, everything is ready for the arrival of NATO Rapid Response forces numbering up to 5,000 people," said Salm.

According to him, in the city of Tapa there is an area which can accommodate the NATO military with storage for equipment and weapons.

Salm suggested that if NATO sent more troops to the eastern flank, they could also be deployed in another country, such as Romania.

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment said that new barracks for the NATO forces would be built if the troops were permanently deployed in the country.

  Estonia, NATO