Estonia: over the past week NATO Air Forces escorted Russian warplanes 12 times over the Baltic Sea

Estonia's Ministry of Defense reported that over the last week, NATO fighters had scrambled eight times to identify and escort Russian military aircraft.

According to the BNS agency, this time, a total of 12 aircraft of the Russian Federation were intercepted in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

The latest incident was recorded on June 9, when the NATO air police accompanied Russian planes on three different occasions: an Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, an An-26 freighter and a Su-24 fighter.

On June 5, NATO fighters were scrambled four times. An An-12 cargo plane was identified and escorted. Later, it was two Su-24 fighters flying to the Kaliningrad region. An An-26 and An-12 transport aircraft were intercepted as they flew from Kaliningrad to mainland Russia. Finally, there were two Su-27 fighters flying from the Kaliningrad region and returning there.

Earlier, on June 4, NATO planes identified an Il-20 Russian reconnaissance aircraft and an Su-24MR fighter. Both aircraft flew from mainland Russia to the Kaliningrad region.

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