Estonian Defense Minister calls on military to be ready to counter threat from Russia

In an address to new recruits, Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik urged soldiers to learn how to counter the Russian threat and closely monitor the Kremlin's actions in the post-Soviet space.

"Every trained Estonian soldier is another soldier with whom our enemy should reckon with," the Estonian Defense Minister said.

Luik recalled that, over six years, 13,000 Ukrainians have become victims of Russian aggression. Russia captured the territories of several states: "We do not need to look far from home to see how the eastern neighbor is in military conflict with its neighbor in the East of Ukraine or occupy the neighboring areas of Crimea and Georgia."

Luik said that it is very important to be ready to repel the aggression of the enemy at any time and "to make it clear to the enemy that it is not necessary to poke your nose here."

"In case of aggression, they can lose more than win, and that we can defend ourselves before the arrival of the allies," the Estonian defense minister said.

Luik also reminded that NATO's international battalion, led by Great Britain, is stationed in the country.

  Estonia, Russia