Estonian government considers revoking residence permits of those applying for Russian citizenship

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has confirmed that the country's authorities are working on measures that would allow the revocation of residence permits for those who apply for Russian citizenship if they are deemed to pose a security threat, reports Postimees.

Kallas said that she believes that the desire to obtain Russian citizenship indicates a willingness to join the Russian army and take part in combat operations in Ukraine. "This is already a threat to the security of the Republic of Estonia and a very clear signal that the Estonian state cannot ignore," says Kallas.

She reminded that according to Estonian law, a residence permit can be revoked if a foreigner poses a threat to public order and national security. However, she noted that each case must be considered individually, and the decision should be based on an assessment of the danger posed by the specific individual.

In early November, the head of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lauri Laanemets, stated that the government is trying to find a way to deport those who apply for Russian citizenship. The potential measure would not apply to individuals who already hold Russian passports, and children of those seeking citizenship would also be exempt, the official noted.

Following this, MP Alexander Chaplygin asked for clarification from Kallas. The Prime Minister stated that the Minister of Interior's words represent the official position of the government.

  Estonia, Russia