European Union developed a plan against Russia’s disinformation

The European Commission has developed a plan to tackle disinformation from Russia. Its main goal is to prevent the Kremlin from interfering during the European Parliament elections in May 2019, as well as during the elections in the European Union countries in 2020.

The European Union is convinced that Russia is one of the main threats in regards to the production of disinformation, reports Radio Liberty.

"Disinformation campaigns related to the war in Syria, the crash of flight MH17 in Ukraine, and the use of chemical weapons during the attack in Salisbury are carefully documented. In Russia’s case, this evidence is serious. However, other countries are quickly learning Russia’s methods and also using disinformation strategies," – reads he counteraction plan submitted by the European Commission.

In order to deal with disinformation, authors of the document proposed to improve the EU institutions capability for identifying and analyzing false information, as well as increasing public awareness and resistance to such data. This plan also includes the budget increase from two to five million Euros for the EU foreign policy department on strategic communications.


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