First case of coronavirus reported in DPR

The so-called "Ministry of Health of Donetsk People’s Republic" stated that on March 9 a woman with a suspected coronavirus infection was hospitalized in the territory which is not under Ukraine’s control territory. The hospitalized woman returned from China.

Upon her arrival at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, the woman was checked for signs of illness, but according to the DPR representatives, nothing was found. According to the DPR Ministry of Health, the woman was diagnosed with a temperature of 37.2 when she entered DPR.

Now the woman is allegedly under medical supervision in the hospital with the fever of 37.2. According to the DPR officials, all those who had contact with the patient are monitored.

Since March 7, restrictions have been introduced at border crossings in the Donbas due to the increase in respiratory diseases that can be caused by coronavirus infection. As reported by the Ukrainian Joint Forces Command, all those who cross the line of demarcation, will be examined and undergo temperature screening. Those Ukrainian citizens residing in the separatist-held territories and who have Covid-2019 symptoms will be taken to a hospital.

If the symptoms of coronavirus infection are found in citizens without registration in Ukraine-controlled territory, they will not be allowed to cross the demarcation line.

At the moment there is only one confirmed case of Covid-2019 coronavirus infection in Ukraine. The Ukrainian with Covid-2019 traveled with his wife to Italy. His wife's coronavirus test is negative.

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