Former DPR head Borodai claims that more than 400 Donbas militants were saved from being deported from Russia to Ukraine

The head of the Donbas Volunteers Union, former Prime Minister of the so-called Donetsk People’s Rebublic Alexander Borodai stated during the congress of the Council of Donbas Volunteer Commanders in Moscow that more than 400 members of pro-Russian armed groups that are fighting in the Donbas could have been deported from Russia at Ukraine’s request.

He alleged that thanks to the activities of the Russian organization Donbas Volunteers Union (DVU), they avoided getting deported. Its members include mercenaries from Russia and other countries.

“About 800 wounded were treated with the help of the DVU and many were given advanced medical care. More than 400 people avoided deportation thanks to our activities,” DVU’s website quotes Borodai as saying.

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