Crimean authorities are investigating why most of the generators on the peninsula are out of order

Vladimir Serov, Deputy Prime Minister of Kremlin-controlled Crimea, requested an official investigation into the fact that most of the diesel generators on the peninsula are not in an operational condition, Krym.Realii reported with reference to the press service of the Russian government of the Crimea.

“It is not weather conditions which are to blame for the fact that out of the 284 diesel generators we have, only 75 work, but the people who do certain jobs. I ask for an official investigation to be carried out, to report on the reasons and the specific people who are to blame for the fact that during the anomalous heat, despite having our own capabilities, we did not meet the demand with the necessary amount of electrical energy,” Serov said.

On the morning of August 10, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak gave orders for all the generators in the Crimea to be inspected. At a meeting in Yalta, Novak noted that the volume of power consumption in Crimea and in the region neighboring Russia – the Kuban - “exceeded the historical maximum load and was at 1249 MW” on August 7.

In a matter of days there were 14 emergency power outages in Yevpatoria. On the night of August 6, there were several localities without power in the region of Sudak and Stary Krym, and the following day the electricity was switched off in Gurzuf and Kurortny as well as Sevastopol and Simferopol.

On July 28, Crimea went without light for several hours due to an accident in Russian Krasnodar Krai, which provides the peninsula with electrical power. According to the Crimean Energy Ministry, the anti-damage automation was activated due to the high air temperature. Two thermal power plants are being constructed in the Crimea using illegally imported Siemens gas turbines in order to provide an uninterrupted power supply.

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