Georgia expels Russian diplomat

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of Russia’s representative in the Swiss Embassy in Tbilisi.

“The ministry expresses solidarity with the United Kingdom, shares the position of Great Britain and the international community on this matter, and recognizes the staff member of the Russian Federation’s interests section in the Swiss Embassy in Tbilisi as a persona non grata, and asks him to leave Georgia within seven days,” the statement on the Georgian Foreign Ministry’s website reads.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the use of chemical weapons in the United Kingdom, which caused severe damage to three people and constitutes a serious threat to the lives and health of other people. This is a serious problem for public safety,” the department stated.

28 countries have decided to expel a total of 152 Russian diplomats following the poisoning of the defector spy Sergei Skripal in the UK.

Russia has no embassy in Tbilisi, but Russian diplomats work in the Swiss Embassy there.

  Georgia, Expulsion of Russian diplomats