Germany develops action plan for de-escalation in Donbas

The parliamentary Free Democratic Party unanimously supported the document “Peace in Ukraine needs a new impulse” which will be presented to the Bundestag in 2 weeks, reported the German publication Bild.

“The government must recognize the political realities and accept our additional action plan as an opportunity to break the deadlock,” the document says.

Bild published several of the 12 provisions in the document. In particular, the German government needs to draw up an additional action plan for implementing the Minsk agreements. It should clearly define a timeline for each step and introduce a system of “rewards and penalties” for the fulfillment or failure to fulfill the agreement’s obligations.

Another provision details the creation of a new or additional civilian-police component of the UN mission which would work with local Ukrainian security agencies. In addition, EUAM Ukraine staff would be increased as “security forces will serve as a deterrent against external aggression”.

At the UN Security Council, the German government is expected  to call for withdrawal of combat units from the collision line and dissolution of the governing bodies of the self-proclaimed “people's republics”. Control of LPR and DPR territories can be temporarily transferred to UN representatives so they could hold independent elections.

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