Ukrainian General: During the annexation of Crimea, Russia was ready to send Special Forces to Kyiv airports

During the annexation of the Crimea, Russia planned to deploy commandoes in the airports of Kyiv, said Major-General of the Armed Forces Ihor Hordiychuk in an interview with ATR TV.
"Tactical nuclear weapons of 152 mm caliber and above were ready. It was likely that as soon as we put up military resistance in the Crimea, neither NATO nor the US nor Europe would take our side. On the contrary, we would face accusations. We intercepted the conversations where they [the Russians] planned to land planes in all Kyiv airports, Boryspil and Zhuliany, sending their commandoes," he said.

Hordiychuk noted that there was complete chaos in Ukraine at that time. Then, it was difficult to hold on to the peninsula. "For three years, day and night, the whole country, except for some politicians, has been working  to rebuild the the armed forces, to strengthen defensive capacity, and that is still not enough," the Major-General emphasized.

He noted that the country had already done most of the work. Hordiychuk added that then no one was ready to support Ukraine because Russia’s information machine spends massive amounts of money on TV propaganda.

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