In the event of a victory Poroshenko will only keep 2 of his current ministers

The current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, said that he does not intend to dismiss Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak or Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin at the conclusion of the presidential election.  

“I am not planning to have either the Minister of Defense or the Minister of Foreign Affairs resign,” said Poroshenko who had come to face off in a debate against Zelensky at Olympiyskiy stadium.

He emphasized that the country has a parliamentary-presidential form of government in which the head of state can only nominate candidates to be considered for the role by parliament. Poroshenko noted that the Cabinet of Ministers does not resign at the end of a presidential term, and that he does not intent to ask any of the ministers to resign. However, the president added that in the event of his victory, he would nominate candidates who he would like to see in parliament.

Poroshenko also noted that according to the law, after a new president is elected, all Ukraine regional state administration heads will have to resign regardless of who wins.

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