Internal conflict in the separatist LPR: Head of the self-proclaimed republic flees to Russia

In the separatist-controlled Luhansk unknown armed people cordoned off the building of the so-called "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk Republic", as reported on his Facebook page by journalist Andriy Dikhtyarenko.

"In Luhansk, the BTR [military armored personnel carrier] drove to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the building was surrounded by armed people, and some of them have hand grenades. It seems that Cornet decided to "appeal the decision of the court" about his dismissal from the post of minister," the journalist writes.

According to media reports, the leader of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky ordered the separatist military to clear up the city, but they ignored the order. According to the separatist military officials, the presence of the military in the city is due to the anti-terrorist exercises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR. Ministry itself declined to comment on the events.

According to separatist media, the day before, Plotnitsky ordered the dismissal of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Igor Cornet.

Cornet himself refutes information about his resignation and reported about a special operation conducted in Luhansk against the Ukrainian subversive group.

Later it became known that the leader of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, sent his family to Russia’s city of Voronezh, and he himself resides in the city of Donetsk in the Rostov region, which is near the Russian border with Ukraine, as reported by journalist Sergii Ivanov.

"Misunderstandings between collaborators in LPR were absolutely predictably explained by "a large Ukrainian subversive group ", some members of which were allegedly detained by "people's militia" last night. Though "minister" Cornet in actuality accused Plotnitsky of killing the former "prime minister" Tsipkalov, whose official version of death to this day was suicide," the journalist wrote.

At the same time, the journalist writes, Cornet did not name Plotnitsky directly, but spoke about the involvement of his close associates.

"It is interesting that in the appeal of Cornet there is a phrase "together with the MGB". This might mean that Lubyanka [headquarters of the KGB; presently houses FSB] not going to protect Plotnitsky anymore, which is in line with the logic of the latest events ... “ the journalist summed up.

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