Iran unveils new air defense system

On June 9 Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami presented a new and a modern air defense system Khordad-15 made in Iran, reports the Iranian news agency Tasnim. The system can hit various targets with Sayyad-3 missiles.

"The system can detect up to six different targets at the same time, including military aircraft and drones in a 150 kilometers range and track them at a distance of 120 kilometers," the report said.

It is noted that the system is designed to destroy enemy targets at an altitude of 27 km and within a radius of 75 km.

According to the Iranian Minister, the new system can also detect invisible targets within a radius of 85 kilometers and hit them within a range of 45 kilometers.

With its high degree of mobility, the Khordad-15 can be deployed and ready for action in five minutes.

  Iran, Khordad-15