Israel attacks Islamic Jihad positions in Syria, killing two militants

Two members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group were killed in an overnight Israeli air strike in Damascus, the group itself said on Monday.

Israeli fighter jets carried out air strikes on suspected Islamic Jihad positions in Syria shortly before midnight on Sunday after clashes between the militant group and Israeli forces in Gaza earlier in the day.

The strikes on the outskirts of Damascus targeted the "Islamic Jihad activity center in Syria," as the Israeli military described it. The group’s "activity" included research and development of weapons.

Islamic Jihad later issued a statement acknowledging that two members of the group had been killed in the strike.

Syrian state news agency SANA, citing a military source, reported that an Israeli plane entered Syrian airspace and fired a series of missiles near Damascus. Syria's state-owned Alikhbaria TV showed footage of what was said to be explosions caused by the strikes of Syrian air defense missiles. Syrian military sources reported that most of the missiles had been destroyed before they reached their targets and that the impact of the strike was being assessed.

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