Israel carries out missile strikes on Syrian army

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck at three military posts in Syria in response to a Syrian drone flying into Israeli territory, reported the army press service in a report released on Thursday.

“The army struck three military posts in Syria in response to a Syrian drone entering Israel’s territory. Earlier on Wednesday, the drone was intercepted by Israeli forces,” the press release said. “The army will continue to act resolutely against any attempt to violate the sovereignty of Israel and harm Israeli citizens.”

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israeli military used a Patriot missile to intercept the Syrian army’s unmanned aircraft, which had flown 10 kilometers into Israeli airspace. Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Konrikus said that the Israeli defense systems had “controlled the apparatus from the moment it entered the demilitarized zone” in the border area.

“The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for everything that is happening in its territory, and warns against further actions against the Israeli forces,” the military stated. The press service added that the army is “ready for a wide range of scenarios” and “will continue to act as necessary to ensure the security of Israeli citizens.”

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