Israel carries out missile attack on Iranian facilities near Damascus

Syrian Government News Agency (SANA) reported that Israel carried out a missile strike on Syrian territory from the Golan Heights.

"The Air Forces of the Syrian Arab Army intercepted enemy missiles launched from the occupied territories [Israeli part of the Golan Heights]," reports SANA.

"Our correspondent reports that military air defenses shot down enemy missiles launched from the occupied territories at 11 p.m. and that one of the enemy's missiles exploded in the area of Aqraba in the Damascus countryside," reads the SANA's message.

Iranian military facilities that are used to prepare strikes against Israel are located in the vicinity of the Aqraba village, located 20 kilometers from Damascus.

In November this year, the Israeli Air Force conducted strikes on Iranian facilities in this region of Syria. The Israeli Defense Ministry officially confirmed this. The Israeli Defense Ministry noted that these airstrikes thwarted the attempt to launch Iranian drones, which were intended to be used to bomb the territory of Israel.

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