Israel’s warplanes strike Syrian weapons factory

The Israeli Air Force struck a military target near the city of Masyaf, Hama province, reported the Syrian state agency SANA with reference to a military source.

According to other Syrian sources, the  target of the air strike was the Center for Scientific Research near Masyaf that has been transformed since the summer of 2015 into the development center for Fateh-110 ballistic missiles of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

There are reportedly a number of dead and wounded in the ranks of the Syrian government military and Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Syrian observers report that from 6 to 10 Dalilah cruise missiles were launched by two Israeli Air Force F-16I fighters from the 253th, the so-called Negev Squadron, based at Ramon Air Base, in southern Israel.

SANA news agency reports that the Syrian air defense managed to down 2 missiles. According to SANA, only material damage was caused by the strike.

On July 16, SANA news agency, citing its military sources, reported that the Israeli Defense Army (IDF) had carried out a missile attack on the airport in Aleppo striking positions of the government troops. As a result, a number of facilities were damaged. There were no causalities.
Earlier, on July 12, SANA reported a missile attack by the Israeli military, which was carried out in the vicinity of Khader village in the southern Syrian province of Quneitra. Later, Israel confirmed the air strikes, explaining that its actions were in response to the violation of the Israeli air space by a Syrian drone. The drone was shot down by the Israeli military.

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