Israel strikes Iranian arms depots in Syria

On the night of January 7, Syrian air defense systems were activated in response to air attack by Israeli Airforce. Media reports of five explosions. According to unconfirmed reports, Israel attacked targets near the Golan Heights and in the suburbs of the Syrian capital.

One of the explosions occurred near the Syrian Arab Army radar station in al-Dur, in the western province of As-Suwayda.

The attack targeted the mountainous area near the town of Al-Kiswah south of Damascus.

The area is believed to be home to most important weapons storage centers of the Iranian Quds Force. Israel reportedly knew that an Iranian plane carrying weapons landed at Damascus International Airport.

Syrian troops and their weapons depots are also located in the area.

Syrian news agency SANA confirmed the Israeli strike on Damascus and surrounding areas.

According to the agency, the Syrian Air Defense repelled the attack. Alikhbaria TV, citing a military source, reported that the attack was carried out from the Galilee area. One person was killed during the shelling and three soldiers were wounded. There is material damage.

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