Israel strikes Iranian military base in Syria

The Israeli Air Force has carried out a missile attack on the military base in the town of Al-Kiswah near Damascus.

Syrian state agency SANA reports, citing military sources, that Syrian air defense shot down two Israeli missiles. According to the agency no one was killed.

The Arab media reports that Israeli strikes were aimed at Iranian military targets in Syria.

 According to unconfirmed reports, the Israeli warplanes destroyed an Iranian weapons convoy carrying missiles intended for striking Israel.

It is also reported that ambulances were seen rushing to military hospitals in Mezzeh and Al-Kiswah, Southern Damascus. There are casualties, however, it is unknown yet if they are among Iranian or Syrian military. Witnesses on the ground say that Russian Air Force warplanes were flying low over Tartus.

The videos show wreckage and heavy fires burning at the site of the Israeli airstrikes on possible Iranian base in Syria.

Earlier, Israel brought its troops in high combat readiness state after the Israeli military recorded "the unusual activity of the Iranian forces in Syria." The local authorities were ordered to prepare bomb shelters.

"The IDF is ready for various scenarios and warns that any action against Israel will be met with a fierce rebuff," the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

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