Israel surprised by Russian missile exercises near its border

Israel was extremely surprised by the launch of Russian missiles near its territorial waters during the joint exercises of the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces in the Mediterranean Sea. The missiles launched during the exercise, did not cross the Israeli border, reports 12 ITV channel. Several Russian media outlets assessed military drills as a "show of force."

The Russian news agency Novosti  reported earlier that "the maneuvers were held as part of the final readiness check of the joint task force." More than five Russian Navy warships and support vessels participated in the military exercises.

According to the commander of the Russian operational command, captain of the first rank Sergey Tronev, the exercises were unique, as they were carried out by a heterogeneous group, which included ships of the Black and Baltic Sea Fleets, support vessels, Bastion coastal defense missile system, Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft, trawling forces, and the gunboats of the Black Sea Fleet.

"The use of rocket weapons and artillery weapons has been worked out, as well as the elements of defense and navigation safety in the designated area of Navy's Task Force responsibility. During the exercise, positive results were achieved," said Tronev, as quoted by RIA Novosti news agency.

"The forces carried out tasks to ensure the safety of navigation, anti-submarine, anti-sabotage, as well as air defense. Other tasks were aimed at tracking, including tracking for weapons, naval groups, and individual ships of the naval forces of foreign countries located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea," said the captain of the first rank.

  Israel, Russia