Israel to help Ukraine modernize MiG-29 fighter jets

The Israeli company Elbit Systems will take part in the modernization of 11 MiG-29 fighters of the Ukrainian Air Force.

According to the Ukrainian publication Defense Express, Elbit has received all the necessary permits from Israeli authorities to begin the work.

Only issues concerning the interoperability of Israeli innovative systems with Ukrainian-made radar and computer modules that control R-27 air-to-air missiles have not been fully resolved.

According to Defense Express, Kyiv is not eager to reveal to the Israelis all the codes of operation of the missile system, and without this it is very difficult to ensure the coordinated functioning of all systems in accordance with the technical tasks formulated by the Ukrainian military. Negotiations on this subject are continuing.

According to the publication, Elbit will install a new on-board radar with improved capabilities to detect air and ground targets, an innovative weapons control system, a new on-board computer and a number of other systems.

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of upgrading one MiG-29 will be about 40 million dollars.

  Israel, Ukraine, Ukrainian Army