Media: Israel unable to stop Iran’s arms shipments to Syria

Despite all Israel’s attempts to shut down Iran’s supply routes for sending weapons to Syria, Tehran has still been able to arm its proxies with rockets and other weapons. 

The Israeli news site Nziv reported with reference to sources in the Arab press that the Assad regime and Hezbollah had received another arms shipment. This time, the weapons were delivered by air, virtually out in the open. 

The munitions were reportedly transported in an Il-76TD cargo plane belonging to the Iranian company Pouya Air, which landed at the Damascus International Airport on Sunday 27 January. 

The cargo plane’s movement was monitored by the Israeli G550 Airborne Early Warning aircraft “Nahshon Shavit”, which was soon joined by six F-16s. The Israeli aircraft did not, however, attempt to attack the Iranian plane. 

Earlier there were reports of clashes between the pro-Iranian and the pro-Russian forces in Syria.

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