Israel uses Turkish invasion to strike Syria

Journalist Babak Taghvaee reported on his Twitter account that Israel had used the Turkish offensive against Kurdish militias and the chaos in Northern Syria to conduct airstrikes in another part of Syria.

According to the journalist, Israel conducted the airstrike on military bases in Eastern Syria near the city of Abu Kamal. Israeli aircraft had previously attacked the surrounding areas of this city, and Israeli media claimed that Iranian and Pro-Iranian forces were the target of the strikes.

Israel has repeatedly attacked Syrian territory, claiming that the targets are related to the activities of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). At the same time, Israeli authorities said they would not tolerate an increased Iranian presence on Syrian territory and warned that they would continue to strike "Iranian" facilities in the future.

There is an agreement between Russia and Israel, under which Israel warns the Russian military in Syria about the actions of its Air Force in the Syrian airspace.  There is no official confirmation of the airstrike in the Abu Kamal area by the Israeli Air Force. However, the Israeli army often conducts strikes on Syria without giving any comments.

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