Israeli Air Force launches new attack against Damascus

The Syrian capital is turning into a traditional target for the Israeli military. Barely a week passes without new reports of the Israeli Air Force attacking the outskirts of Damascus, especially its airport.

The Jerusalem Post writes that last night Damascus was once again targeted by Israeli aircraft in a missile strike. The target was reportedly “the arms depots of pro-Iranian armed groups”. Taking into account the number of times Israeli fighters and drones have attacked the area around the Damascus airport, it’s hard to imagine how many “arms depots” the pro-Iranian groups actually have there.

The Syrian military reported that its aerial defense systems had managed to shoot down several Israeli missiles.

Israeli sources add that the Israeli aircraft did not enter Syrian airspace, and instead carried out the attack from near the Golan Heights.

The IDF’s press service traditionally declines to comment in such cases.

The Russian Defense Ministry previously accused Israel of attacking the region around the Damascus airport at a time when an airliner arriving from Tehran was coming in to land. The passenger aircraft was hastily redirected to the Khemimim airport, which prevented the possible deaths of many civilians.

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