Israeli strike on Syria kills nine pro-Iranian militants

At least nine pro-Iranian fighters loyal to Lebanon's Hezbollah were killed last night in a missile strike near Palmyra in Homs province, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), referring to its activists on the ground.

The organization, which is in opposition to Assad's regime, regularly reports on what is happening in Syria, drawing information from its own independent sources, which are not subject to strict state censorship.

The Observatory said in a statement that the strike was carried out by the Israeli Air Force from Lebanese airspace on the military positions of pro-Iranian militants. At least three of the dead are Syrian Arabs.

As reported yesterday, Syrian air defense systems tried to repel a missile strike on targets in the eastern part of Homs province in the desert countryside near Palmyra.

According to the state-run Syrian news agency SANA, "several missiles were shot down before they reached the target."

Israeli official did not comment on the overnight missile strike in Syria, did not deny or confirm Israeli involvement in the strikes.

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