Israeli warplanes bomb Iranian missile factory in Syria

The Israeli Air Force launched a missile strike on a number of targets near the Syrian city of Masyaf on the evening of June 4. The airstrikes targeted a military production facility and a research center in the Wadi Jahannam neighborhood.

Syrian news agency SANA was quick to blame Israel for the attack. "Syrian air defenses responded to enemy missiles in a timely manner and shot down several of them. (...) As a result of the aggression, material damage was caused, but no one was injured," SANA news agency said.

According to Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen TV, Israeli aircraft struck the targets from Lebanese airspace. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Syrian human rights think tank, said that a series of airstrikes had killed at least nine people, some of them apparently Iranians.

The attack reportedly targeted an Iranian factory producing short- and medium-range precision missiles destined for Hezbollah and pro-Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria. Sources claimed that chemical and biological weapons were also developed at the research center. Israel has not commented on these reports.

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