Kadyrov’s critic assassinated in Austria

A 43-year-old Russian asylum seeker was shot dead in the Austrian city of Gerasdorf on Saturday, July 4.

Austrian news outlet OE24 writes that the man was shot in the head. The incident took place near one of the city's shopping centers.

Gerasdorf is located 20 km from Vienna.

Austrian special forces detained a suspect in Linz, he is also a Russian citizen. The man did not resist arrest.

Austrian radio station ORF reported that both Russians were probably from Chechnya.

According to Kavkaz.Realii and Kavkazsky Uzel publications, which cite sources in the Chechen diaspora in Europe, the murdered man is a Chechen-born blogger, Mamihan Umarov. He reportedly criticized the activities of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and ran a channel on Youtube called "Anzor from Vienna" in Chechen.

Umarov called himself a former employee of the Ministry of Sharia State Security of the Republic of Ichkeria in social networks and interviews and spoke about involvement of Russian special services in attempts on political emigrants and former Chechen separatists in Europe.

In Ukraine, Mamihan Umarov was a witness in the murder of the Chechen military volunteer Amina Okuyeva, writes the Ukrainian news agency Hromadske with reference to sources in the investigation.

Hromadske ‘s interlocutors said that Umarov's testimony helped to lay charges against the likely organizer of the murder of Amina Okuyeva - Salah Delimbekovich Humaidov.

In August 2019, a Chechen man, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, was killed in Berlin. The Chechen sought asylum in Germany after several attacks on him in Georgia.

Khangoshvili was a field commander during the second Chechen war. He fought on the side of Shamil Basayev and Abu Walid, later - Aslan Maskhadov. Since 2002, Khangoshvili has been on the Russian wanted list on suspicion of terrorism. According to the chairman of the German-Caucasian Society, Ekkehard Mas, he was on the execution list among other Chechens living abroad.

The killer was detained, he turned out to be a Russian citizen who came to Berlin shortly before the crime. The prosecutor's office said that he did not admit guilt and refused to give evidence.

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