Ukraine to build two military bases in Donbas compliant with NATO standards

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense will build two military bases in the Donbas. Both military facilities will meet all NATO standards, stated the Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk.

According to Zagorodnyuk, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has planned the construction of two military bases, fully in compliance with the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance. One will be built in Mariupol, the second - in Sievierodonetsk. At the same time, the construction terms and the timelines have not been disclosed.

“One of the priorities (...) is the development of infrastructure construction. We plan to build several high-quality infrastructure facilities so that everyone knows that we can also have military bases according to NATO standards. In particular, these are two bases that we will build in open terrain. It will be military bases: one in Mariupol, the other in Sievierodonetsk,” the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry quotes Zagorodnyuk as saying.

Ukraine's accession to NATO is spelled out in the Constitution of the country. This amendment to the main document of Ukraine was adopted under the previous president - Petro Poroshenko.

According to Zagorodnyuk, Ukraine has "five years of experience of war with Russia," and this gives "undeniable advantages" when joining the alliance, as "no other Western country has such experience."

  Ukraine, Donbas


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