Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Resolution on UN peacekeepers in Donbas is almost ready

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said on Inter TV channel that the joint draft of the UN resolution on peacekeepers in the Donbas is almost ready.

"I talked with Kurt [Volker - US Special Representative for Ukraine] a few hours ago. We agreed on the main parameters of our position, in fact the text of the resolution, our draft, is almost ready. I say ours, because we are working together with the US, Germany, and France, as well as with the UK, following a very clear logic," Klimkin said.

The Foreign Minister pointed out the main points of the document.

"The main thing, of course, is the entire occupied territory and the border, and of course security, until the moment we can begin preparations for the transition period. Presently, it is very difficult to make progress in this area. We consistently move forward and know the main points of our position. We have a plan on how to apply pressure moving further," he added.

Earlier, the media reported that in the near future the US will offer Russia a plan to deploy 20,000 peacekeepers to the Donbas.

  UN peacekeeping mission, Donbas, Ukraine