Kolomoisky announces his return to Ukraine to advise Zelensky

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, currently residing in Israel, said that he is ready to help the new president of Ukraine run the country.

In an interview with NTV, he said that he will “go so far as to offer his consultation services” to Vladimir Zelensky, president-elect of Ukraine, after he takes office. At the same time, he admitted that in the last six months he had already given the showman advice “once or twice”.

“I am ready to offer him advice, sometimes I do offer him advice, but this is not happening on a mass scale,” the businessman modestly noted.

Speaking about Zelensky, the oligarch said that he “wanted him to win the election” and hopes that he will cope with the “big burden” he has taken on. Kolomoisky also promised to return to Ukraine after the results were officially released. 

The oligarch had already announced his intention to come to Ukraine. Ihor Kolomoisky was going to return between the first and second rounds of the election, but changed his mind because he did not want to add to the “turmoil. 

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