Kremlin offers to facilitate dialog between Iran and Israel

Russia is ready to help Iran and Israel establish a dialogue, RIA Novosti reports, citing "a source in Russian diplomatic circles."

"Our vision regarding how to address security issues in the region is completely different. Instead of demonizing one state, one force, we believe that the interests of all should be taken into account. And when the interests of all countries in the region are taken into account, a collective dialogue is the way that will lead to strengthening security," the source said.

He added that Moscow understands how "Iranian rhetoric is of concern to the Israeli leadership." "We are absolutely sympathetic to what our Israeli colleagues tell us in both political and military areas," the source explained.

However, he stressed that "this is a substitution of the problem." "The issue is not in Iran, but in relations between all the states of the region. (...) If all the states of the region unite on the anti-Iranian basis, it will not lead to a solution of any security problem, it will lead to war," he concluded, stating that Russia is ready to "contribute to the Iran-Israel dialogue."

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