Kremlin: Putin is concerned about NATO maneuvers in the Black Sea

Maneuvers of warships and aircraft of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Black Sea are a cause of "concern" for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

According to the press Secretary of the Russian President, Putin has repeatedly noted that NATO's military activity in the Black Sea is "a matter of concern."

Peskov said that Russia is paying "increased attention" in connection with the entry of American warships into the Black Sea. At the same time, according to Peskov, Putin has not yet contacted US President Joe Biden on this topic.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the forces of the Black Sea Fleet monitor the actions of the flagship of the US 6th Fleet USS Mount Whitney and the destroyer USS Porter which are heading to the western part of the Black Sea.

The other day, the Russian Defense Ministry said that they consider the maneuvers of American ships in the Black Sea region as a potential theater of hostilities in the event of Ukraine's decision to conduct a military operation to liberate the annexed territories and accused Washington of "creating threats to regional security."

In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry suggested that the United States is planning a "certain provocation" and recalled the incident with the British destroyer near the annexed Crimea.

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