Kremlin: Russia is ready to supply S-400 air defense systems to Belarus

The Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) sees no obstacles to potential deliveries of the S-400 system to Belarus, said the director of the FSVTS, Dmitry Shugaev, in an interview with RBC news agency .

"After all, we live in one Union State. Naturally, we are not indifferent to how [Belarus’] airspace will be protected," he added.

When asked whether Russia can make a discount to Belarus on the S-400, he replied that "it is premature to talk in advance about some discounts or the final price of the transaction." "We will proceed from the needs of the Belarusian side and our capabilities," Shugaev said. He also added that "discounts or bonuses are asked by everyone without exception. This is a normal practice."

In early August, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, said that Minsk is interested in acquiring Russian S-400 air defense systems. "Such a question has been put before the President of Russia in order to obtain them somehow at a good price, on credit. Because we do not have such money," Lukashenko said, expressing confidence that Belarus "will receive these systems."

Lukashenko also explained that Minsk managed to save part of the funds received from Russia through the loan for the construction of nuclear power plants. Minsk plans to use these funds for the purchase of Russian modern weapons. "We saved decent money at the nuclear power plant. There, we are talking about [the amount] from $ 300 million to $ 500 million, at domestic Russian prices. This is a decent amount of military-technical equipment, including the S-400," Lukashenko said.

In early September, Lukashenko announced the Belarusian army will soon receive from Russian dozens of aircraft, helicopters and anti-aircraft systems.

After a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lukashenko said that Minsk plans to purchase more than $1 billion worth of Russian weapons. "Now the S-300 systems completely protect the western direction of Belarus. But we have added a southern direction," he said.

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