Kremlin: Russia to conduct exercises in Crimea involving one hundred aircraft and helicopters

Approximately one hundred aviation units will take part in large-scale exercises in Russia’s Southern Military District, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service reports.

According to the Russian Ministry, fighters and bombers will fire air-to-air missiles and carry out bombing at the Opuk test range in the Crimea.

As reported, army helicopters will additionally provide fire support for the Russian Black Sea Fleet marine amphibious forces landing on the rugged coast.

The Russian Ministry of Defense added that during air defense training in the Crimea, the Russian military will also practice exercises to repel rocket fire from the ships of a hypothetical enemy.

As previously reported, in early June, Russia will conduct tactical aviation drills in the annexed Crimea, which will incorporate deployment of operational-tactical aviation as well as tactical exercises, in conjunction with air defense.

Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia has conducted regular military exercises on the peninsula. The General Staff of Ukraine has called the actions of Russian military in the Crimea illegal.

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