Kremlin: Western sanctions against Russia will most likely remain forever

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant that the restrictive measures that the West has imposed on Russia will remain forever.

"The sanctions are the reaction of the old enemy to our reinforcement. And they will be lifted only if we again become weak," he said.

According to Rogozin, "for Russia, sanctions are a chance to show the best features of its national character."

In response to a question about whether the sanctions hamper the rearmament of the army, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister explained that there are "difficulties", but measures have been taken.

"An anti-sanctions headquarters for the military-industrial complex has been set up whose main task is to prevent disruptions in the delivery of military products to internal and external clients," Rogozin said.

The US earlier announced that new sanctions against Russia would be announced within the next few weeks.

  Sanctions on Russia