Kremlin warns of consequences if Ukraine joins NATO

The Kremlin believes that Ukraine's aspiration to join NATO can increase tensions throughout Europe.

"The push towards NATO, on the contrary, can add more instability to the entire European continent," said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov in an interview with Channel 1, TASS reports.

According to Peskov, Ukraine's desire to join the Alliance " can undermine the prospects for normalization of relations" between Moscow and Kyiv and "add a lot of tension around our borders."

Peskov added that for the Russian president "this is a very big, deep concern."

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmyrtro Kuleba believes that Ukraine will join NATO faster than the European Union.

Fyodor Venislavsky, MP from the Servant of the People party, did not rule out that NATO military bases will be created in Ukraine before it joins the Alliance.

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