Kyiv: 100,000 Russian troops deployed to Ukrainian borders

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) estimates the number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine and in occupied Crimea at 100,000 people, said SBU’s head Ivan Bakanov at the forum "Ukraine 30. Security of the country".

"The number of combat-ready and conventional troops of the Russian Federation, deployed along the border of Ukraine and in the occupied territory of Crimea is about 100,000 people. That's as of right now. Tanks, planes, warships, helicopters, battalion tactical groups, missile systems and artillery. We can single out five main operational directions, Northern, Slobodsky, Donetsk, Crimean, Pivdennyi Buh), but we should not forget about Belarus, which is a potential ally of the Russian Federation in case Russia goуы ahead with invasion of Ukraine," he said.

In March Russia began to deploy troops to Ukrainian borders, as well as to the annexed Crimea. According to some reports, the number of Russian troops reached 150,000.

On April 22, Russia announced the completion of a "snap combat readiness check", and the next day began to withdraw troops to the places of their permanent deployment.

Ukraine called this withdrawal ostentatious and miniscule.

  Ukraine, Russia