Kyiv: 600,000 LPR and DPR residents receive Ukrainian pensions

About 660,000 residents of the uncontrolled Donbas territories receive Ukrainian pensions, Ukrainian Social Policy Minister Marina Lazebnaya said in an interview with Radio Liberty.

"I believe that those who have earned their pension in Ukraine should receive it. And to do this, we need to simplify or provide conditions and opportunities for them. Therefore, today, for example, such service centers will be opened at the two entry points in Shchastia and Zolote. We know that employees of the Pension Fund will be there too. Even if a person is not among these 660,000 pensioners who receive pensions, then he will be able to come and register," Lazebnaya said.

According to the minister, if a person turned 60 years old a month or three months ago, if this person worked and lives in the now uncontrolled territories, he needs to come to the Ukrainian-controlled territory, come to the pension fund and receive a pension.

"It all remains in force, it works. The main thing is that the checkpoints should not be closed," the minister added.

According to the UN as of March 2019, as a result of the conflict in the Donbas, 700,000 people in the region lost access to pensions.

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