Kyiv: Ukraine counts on US help with obtaining NATO membership

Kyiv hopes that the position of the US on Ukraine's possible membership in NATO will be decisive in the course of discussions about Kyiv's Euro-Atlantic prospects with partner countries, said Vadim Prystayko, the head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO during a conference in Kyiv, news outlet reports.

“In NATO, of course, all member states are equal. However, some states are more equal than others, as Orwell put it. We expect that if one of NATO leaders is inclined the way Mr. Bolton promised, I think, this decision will pass more easily," Prystayko said.

Earlier, after the negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said that Ukraine's accession to NATO was on the agenda of the Donald Trump administration.

“The Bush administration proposed in 2008 that the program for admission to NATO be accelerated for Ukraine and other countries, but unfortunately our European counterparts did not agree. But I think that now our administration [of President Donald Trump] is actively considering this issue based on Ukraine's interests. Several steps have been taken, but much depends on Ukraine - how Ukraine will fulfill the conditions, both political and military ones. But there is progress,” he said.

At the same time, many NATO members are against Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance.

During her visit to Georgia on August 24, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Georgia will not be able to join NATO and the EU in the near future.

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