Kyiv: Russia, fearing Sea Breeze–2021 exercises, has sent its entire Black Sea Fleet to the area

Russia, fearful of Sea Breeze–2021 exercises, has sent its entire Black Sea Fleet to the area, reported the press service of the General Intelligence Directorate of Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

"We see that to monitor the exercises, Russia has sent all the ships to the area, which are now not performing their usual tasks. The aggressor country is trying to demonstrate that it is ready to defend its interests by military force. But Russia clearly lacks the strength and resources in the Black Sea," said the representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate, Vadym Skibitsky.

Skibitsky also noted that today the new NATO member states, which were not part of the Alliance during the Soviet Union, are ready to provide collective security in the Black Sea region.

According to Skibitsky, during various international naval exercises, the Russians usually work out different ways and methods of defeating the naval groups in the Black Sea.

"However, the international community is showing its solidarity with Ukraine and is working together to ensure security in our region. Russia is really afraid of this," Skibitsky said.

According to him, Russia's attempts to demonstrate its readiness to use force are not commensurate with the potential of those countries that take part in international exercises.

The kickoff of the multinational exercises Sea Breeze-2021 took place in Odesa on June 28. Representatives of about 30 partner countries involved in the maneuvers took part in the event, reported Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

"The main goal of Sea Breeze 2021 is to increase the level of interoperability between the Ukrainian, U.S. Navy and NATO member states while fulfilling common tasks to maintain maritime regional security and ensure peace and stability in the Black Sea region," the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The current exercises are the largest in 20 years. They will last from June 28 to July 10.

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