Kyiv: Ukraine to begin production of Bayraktar drones

In the near future, Ukraine will begin a full-scale production of Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles, said in an interview with Radio Liberty Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar.

According to him,  Bayraktar production lines in Turkey are currently at full capacity and because of that the Turkish side is interested in opening a new plant for the production of drones.

Bodnar added that soon a center for the production and maintenance of Bayraktar drones, as well as a training center, will be created in Ukraine which is outlined in the memorandum signed between the Bayraktar manufacturer and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

"Work is already underway in order to allocate the required land to begin construction of this storage and repair center. And also, in parallel, work is being done on the creation of Bayraktar production facilities in Ukraine. I will not give specific time frames, so as not to create an erroneous impression for our viewers or listeners, but in fact the work is going at a fairly rapid pace and this will definitely take not years, but months, " the ambassador said.

  Bayraktar, Ukraine